Thursday, 10 September 2015

Pie bakes

MedievalMorsels has been experimenting with different styles of Dark Ages, Middle Ages and later periods of table pie for a period dolls house. Some pretty ornate,  which could serve as a centrepiece on a feast table, and others that would serve as a table pie in a rich merchant or a noble's home.
1:12 scale pies with gilded cross by MedievalMorsels

Medieval, Tudor pies for a dollhouse feast centrepiece!
One inch dollshouse food, pies!

MedievalMorsels' leaf decorated Georgian, Tudor pies

On the very popular BBC TV programme "Great British Bake Off" this week, week five, the competition revolved around pastry making challenges - a franzipan tart, flakey pastry vol au vents and a Cypriot speciality cheese pastry parcel. 

But the historical interlude during the c programme  focused on Denby Dale in Yorkshire, which holds the Guinness Book of Records world record for the largest meat and potato pie. The world beating pie was baked in 1988 to celebrate the passage of 200 years since the C18th, when Denby Dale's first giant pie was baked in 1788. Incidentally that was to celebrate the recovery of King George III from his mental illness. And it was that George who "oversaw" England's loss of colonies in the North America. So we can sumise that around the same time that an important War of Independence was raging in the "New World", on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the "Old World" giant pies were planned and baked! Conjure with that if you will!

Denby Dale also a baked behemoth pie in 1846 to celebrate the repeal of the Corn Laws, which heavily taxed the price of grain. That pie was eight feet in diameter, a veritable giant for its day. Apparently the Master of Ceremonies fell into it!

In 1877, this time to celebrate Queen Victoria's 60 years Golden Jubilee on the throne, another pie was baked. But this one went sour and had to be hastily buried in quicklime. I can imagine it held quite a few carcasses worth of meat -  yuk, smelly! 

Luck was not with the Denby Dale community in 1928 when their bumper pie got stuck in the brick oven. There was more success in 1964 when the   monster pie fed 30,000 people. 

Which of MedievalMorsels' mini pies at 12th scale is a winner for you?

Pastry leaf decorated 12th scale pie
One inch scale dolls house Medieval, Tudor pies
MedievalMorsels celebrates with hand raised pies