Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bringing in the beans!

12th scale fava beans
12th scale dollhouse miniature food by MedievaMorsels, beans!

MedievalMorsels had a bit of fun modelling one inch beans for the period or modern dollshouse kitchen last week! The results were quite colourful and have, I am pleased to say, met with some approval from the miniaturist community!

MedievalMorsels' one inch scale bowls and tubs of beans
The bean cycle according to MedievalMorsels, dollhouse miniature food
Dried lentils and other peas, beans or "pulses" have a long tradition in mankind's food history. Neolithic ancestors of modern man ate them, and so did the ancient Greeks. 

And from literary sources, the Old Testament , we are told that Esau came in from his fields so weary and hungry that he sold his twin brother his birthright for "red pottage....of lentils." 
The Romans so prized pulses that they appear as ancient family names - fabius (broad bean), lenticulus (lentil),  or cicero (chickpea). Who, except a student of language, would have believed this? 

Tudor dollhouse food, 12th scale fava beans for a dollshouse kitchen scene

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