Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Richard III re-interment - preparations and shop windows in Leicester

A Medieval King whose death 530 years ago shaped a different course of history for England. The last king of the House of York, and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty.  Its not often a long lost King of England is re-buried, and certainly not after an interval of more than half a millennium. 

It seems more like fiction, but the reality has been evident for the people of Leicester since the late summer of 2012 when it became possible, even probable, that King Richard's remains had been found. Fast forward to March 2015. Shops and streets had been prepared with impeccable care. There was a great sense of history and anticipation.

Here is some of what was to be seen before the ceremonies of Sunday 22 March when, late in the afternoon Richard's remains were finally handed over from the care of the University of Leicester to be received by the church and "surrounded by prayer" until his re-interment some days later on March 26th.

Unfurling Richard in the Tourist Information  Office

Plantagenet heraldic elements in their royal standard

Replica Medieval side arms such as a squire knight may carry

The end of an age of chivalric warfare died with Richard III
Images of Richard the Third at every turn.

A much photographed pub in Leicester
Walker's renowned pie shop in Leicester, paying tribute

Renowned modeller MedievalMorsels pays tribute with a pie  too!

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