Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Medieval feast - fit for a King's coronation

On Saturday 21st March an open day was held by the University of Leicester, on the last day of its safe custody of the  skeleton of King Richard III of England.  There was authentic music, medieval life and weapons demonstrations and much more. Not forgetting lectures by the multi disciplinary team members who brought the Looking for Richard project to its successful conclusion.

The highlight for your MedievalMorsels correspondent was the display of many medieval feast dishes, fashioned after those described at the Coronation Feast for Richard III in the Palace of Westminster on 6 July 1483.  Fortunately there was tasting of non-display foods too. An unintended consequence for me was being filmed and appearing on the local BBC TV news coverage of the event! Not filmed eating I hasten to add but discussing pig and red deer bones with an archaeologist, all the better to model them in the future.

Locally sourced venison: leg and, behind, saddle with sprigs of rosemary.

An enormous fish pie with flat sea fish species possibly plaice.

Poached (no pun intended) wild salmon: England's rivers were teaming with them.
Pears and dates gently stewed together

Rib of roast ox these were chunky ribs indeed

Oranges were a luxury imported from Spain, but bitter to taste!
The partridges that surround this very large capon are from France!
The pork and venison pie for sampling, I noticed the clove spicing 
A copy of the menu for the Coronation feast of Richard III, with three courses each of many dishes

A roast shoat or young pig under a year old,

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