Saturday, 19 March 2016

Know your onions!

It's enough to bring tears to your eyes. MedievalMorsels read this week that there is likely to be an onion shortage this year. As reported by the "Daily Mail" last year’s heatwave across mainland Europe and a wet growing season in the UK has severely hit supplies of onions. The European drought was especially hard on Spanish onions apparently, which are popular with both shoppers and food processors because of their large size and quality of their skins.

No such problem has been experienced by MedievalMorsels, which can supply plenty of miniature onions for your period or contemporary dollshouse setting. 

Loose onions, onions in bowls or in basket for your dollhouse kitchen, greengrocer's shop, market stall, rustic roombox or kitchen garden scene.

12th scale onions for a period or rustic dollhouse by MedievalMorsels
In Medieval times the onion was common throughout Europe. White or silver skinned ones found in the Mediterranean were mild, soft and juicy. They were often eaten raw. But a tougher, thicker skinned onion breed - like the one I have modelled - was found in northern Europe - better able to survive the colder winters and penetrating damp. In fact a French proverb states that three layers of skin means a very hard winter!

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