Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Stonemasons' 1000 year old tradition

In Norwich, Norfolk last Saturday members of an ancient guild were on parade, wearing colourful tabards and black felt hats, and carrying banners with depiction of the cross of St George.

The master stonemasons and their current apprentices of the Guild of St Stephen and St George set off from St Clement's church in Norwich and called at Norwich Castle and the Guildhall as part of their procession on foot through the ancient city.

Their particular guild has a history going back over one thousand years, its antecedent having been founded in the eleventh century!

Cheese for a 1:12 scale dollshouse of any period
One inch scale dollhouse rye bread by MedievalMorsels
Miniature food, cheese and ale snack suitable for a stonemason

And what would that skilled craftsman and his apprentice stonemason eat for their meal halfway through the long working day? MedievalMorsels would suggest it was most likely rye or mixed grain bread and cheese !

And plenty of ale (small beer) to refresh and revive and rehydrate after  hours of labour - dusty and physical work it must have been. The same today as always.

Saint Stephen was the Patron Saint of stonemasons. I suppose there is a clue in the name of the Guild come to think of it! A disciple of Christ he was martyred for blasphemy by stoning, which may be the main
reason he was adopted as patron saint by this guilded profession. His feast day is 26th December, mentioned in the Christmas Carol "Good King Wencleslas". In several European countries this remains a public holiday, but is more commonly known as "Boxing Day"in England. I'm pleased about that (it being a holiday I mean) because it's a special day for me - it just happens to be my birthday!
MedievalMorsels' round rye loaf, one inch scale dollshouse food

Wholemeal bread 12th scale Medieval, Tudor or rustic dollhouse
Maslin (mixed grain) bread at 1:12 scale

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