Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Duck Eggs - not by the dozen!
 We were lucky enough to be given six duck eggs and six hen eggs recently. I was amazed at how large the largest duck egg was. It measured two and a half inches long and two inches wide!

My daughter immediately fried one with some dry cured bacon for her breakfast (it was the weekend) so this left me only five to photograph. Here they are, posed in an artificial "nest" on my windowsill.  I guess my "nest" bears no relation to duck reality -  a scrape in the mud, perhaps lined with down from its chest.

Top marks for down lining of nests probably go to the common eider duck. We  borrow its name to arrive at the word eiderdown - the heavy predecessor of the now ubiquitous duvet, whether feather-and-down or synthetic filled. I have been lucky enough to see the eider duck in its natural habitat on Svalbard, an archipelago just inside the Arctic Circle.

MedievalMorsels models one inch (12th) scale dollhouse miniature food, handmade miniature eggs for your Gothic, Medieval or Tudor dollhouse, diorama or roombox kitchen or dining setting. Here are the duck eggs. And in descending order of size I make geese, hen and pheasant eggs too.  I have yet to try my hand at quail eggs, which will be a bit more fiddly!


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